Air Terminal Lighting Protection Is A Primary Responsibility Of The Management

Every aviation company from small local businesses to international carriers requires the efficient operation of their air terminals. In fact, it is the main responsibility of the management to provide adequate air terminal lighting for an effective airflow into and out of the buildings and to secure the parking areas as well. The good thing is that there are a number of options in the market for air terminal lighting. The products range from simple fixtures and light kits to elaborate security systems composed of dossiers, security gates and security card readers.For more


The key to air terminal lighting protection is to install both security gates and lighting systems. The primary function of the security gates is to prevent the check-in and take-off process from being interrupted. They are usually installed adjacent to the departure and arrival floors by the airline staff. If they are properly installed and operational, they can greatly reduce the risk of check-ins and take-offs and at the same time provide a safer and more convenient way of handling your business transactions. The lighting system can be a secondary feature once the security gates have been installed.

Depending on the size of the airport and its traffic, you may need to install additional lighting beyond the security gates. This could include neon lighting, spotlighting or spot lights as well as LED lights. All these options will add to the safety features of the air terminal and will make it a safer place for you and your employees to visit and transact business. With proper airport lighting, the incidence of stolen wallets or purses is reduced as it is easier to spot people with fake identification cards or wallet chains when they approach an airport building or a plane.

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