Basement Conversions Can Be Done Quickly And Effortlessly

A basement conversion in the UK is considered as an illegal act, if carried out without the proper planning and building regulations. Planning and building regulations in the UK require a basement to have an extra space of at least five feet more above the ground level than what it already stands and it should be surrounded by stairs, while the walls and roof of the new living area must be made from concrete. Although it is not mandatory for all countries to follow these building regulations, it is always good practice to build your basement in accordance with local building regulations in order to be legal. In some areas in the UK where there are no building regulations at all, you are allowed to make changes on your own in order to improve the resale value of your property. Basement conversions are considered illegal in London and England, if they are built in contravention of any building legislation.

What Can You Do To Save Your Basement Conversion Uk From Destruction By Social Media?

There are many basement conversion specialists who will advise you on how best to transform your basement into a usable living space. If you decide to go down the more traditional route and simply convert the basement to a wet basement, then you should contact a company who specialises in wet basement conversions. They will provide all the necessary information and also let you know whether planning permission is required for the basement conversion, if so, how much planning the work needs. They will also guide you on how to achieve natural light within your new basement. They may even offer to install solar lighting in the basement to light up the space during the colder months.

The main purpose of building regulations in the UK is to control the growth of houses on the housing market and protect the people living there from the damage that can be caused by damp, poor quality materials or fire. Damp proofing is the most important and common requirement in this case. Damp proofing is usually a damp proofing membrane that is applied to the exterior walls of a basement before any construction or renovations take place. This will make sure that there are no moisture and dampness within the living space.

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