Black Moor Full Size Goldfish

Black moor full size are a fantastic choice for those looking to keep one or more fancy goldfish in their tank. They are easy to care for and do not get very large, but still offer a lot of character and colour to your aquarium. They are an excellent algae eater and can be kept year round in outdoor ponds in warm conditions.

Like all other goldfish varieties, black moors produce a lot of waste and can dirty the tank water quite quickly. For this reason, it is best to only keep one in a tank that is 20 gallons or larger. They are also weak swimmers and a long tank is ideal as opposed to a tall tank as this will give them more swimming space.

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Because they have protruding eyes, they are quite susceptible to damage to their eyes from other fish or from decorations in the tank. It is not uncommon for owners to find their Black Moor with a missing eye as a result of this.

As with all fish, Black Moors are susceptible to disease such as White Spot and bacterial infections like ich. They can be treated with medications available in most fish stores or online. Like all other freshwater fish, black moors are also at risk of flukes which can be introduced to your tank as hitchhikers on new fish, plants or live food.

Black Moors are not aggressive and will happily share their tank with other fish. However, you should avoid pairing them with fish known to nip at the long flowing fins of black moors as this can cause serious injury or even kill them. This includes fish such as Orandas, Ranchu and Black Lionhead Goldfish.

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