Buying a Pick Lock Set

pick lock set

A pick lock set  contains the tools you need to gain non-destructive entry to a locked door, safe or other item. A basic set includes a variety of picks (long, thin metal pieces with curved ends in different shapes for different types of locks), tension wrenches, and a lock lubricant. While you can fake it with a paperclip or bobby pin in a pinch, a professional tool is the way to go when you want to unlock something quickly and effectively.

Picking Locks Like a Pro: A Guide to Essential Pick Lock Sets

A standard lock picking set consists of a half diamond pick (an L-shaped pick with a half or full diamond shape at the tip) and a hook pick (a flat-tipped pick that can be used to probe and lift short pins). Some sets also include advanced rake picks, such as the Bogota and snake rakes, that rake multiple pin height key positions in a relatively quick manner without the need for precise placement of each individual peak.

Other specialized picks include the city rake (an advanced rake that has several different peaks) and the half circle pick, which is often used to open wafer locks. These are useful for those looking to break into a more challenging lock because they don’t require the precise placement of each individual peak, but can be used in combination with them to bypass pin configurations and other locking conditions that are difficult or impossible to reach with shorter hook picks.

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