Do You Really Need Total Living Drink Greens Review to Find the Best Greens Powder?

After testing dozens of the top selling fresh greens powder brands (and the many underdogs that perhaps don’t sell nearly as well as they ought), we figured out which of these are essentially worth your money and which aren’t nearly as effective as eating dirt. It’s surprisingly easy to buy this stuff over the counter at health food stores, and a few supermarkets carry it in large amounts. We couldn’t believe that some companies would put all of their profits into packaging, however; even though the product claims to be a “green” one. Click here to read more total living drink greens reviews.

Total Living Drink Greens Review 

This is not an expensive supplement, but it’s also not a cheap one. You’re spending more than you’d expect for a single serving of total living drink greens powder–but in reality, that’s really not much of a bargain, because of the ingredients. The bulk of the product is basically a bunch of cheap protein powders, which is good if you’re looking to save money and boost your protein intake. The problem is that you won’t get any of the vitamins or minerals in those powders. You’ll get far more of those vitamins and minerals by getting a supplement that has a complete supply of the vitamins and minerals you actually need, such as Total Life Force Max.

If you’ve been reading up on supplements and want to see what the experts have to say about Total Life Force Max, one of the things that you want to know is whether or not the product contains antioxidants. The product does contain antioxidants, so it’s safe to say that it does provide some protection from free radicals in your body; however, the antioxidants in Total Life Force Max aren’t nearly enough to benefit from it beyond the cosmetic. A supplement with a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is what you need to get the kind of health benefits you want.