Choosing the Right Roof Insulation Material

Roof insulation material your roof is a great way to reduce your energy costs, improve comfort and help the environment. However, it is important to consider the type of insulation material you use. The best insulation is a blend of the right materials for your specific climate and home.

The most common choice of roof insulation is batt blanket insulation or loose-fill insulation (often made from mineral wool). This type of insulation is a good Do-It-Yourself project that can be cut to size and placed in between the ceiling joists. The other popular type of roof insulation is rigid foam boards. These are made from sheets of closed-cell foam, usually polystyrene or extruded or expanded polystyrene (XPS or EPS). Rigid insulation is also available as a radiant barrier, which constrains thermal radiation and can help prevent moisture accumulation.

Exploring Roof Insulation Materials: Options and Benefits

Lastly, there are fiberglass spray insulations, which are typically used in hard-to-reach areas and provide high R-values. However, spray insulation can be a dangerous and difficult-to-install task for a Do-It-Yourselfer. It is also recommended to consult a professional roofer to assess your attic or roof space and to provide recommendations.

The ENERGY STAR program rates home insulation by its R-value, which measures the resistance to heat flow and the rate at which it absorbs or releases moisture. This helps you compare the performance of different insulation products to make an informed decision.

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