Comparing Basement Waterproofing Companies

The right basement waterproofing companies can help a homeowner transform a wet basement or crawl space into an ideal living area. However, homeowners should compare several companies before selecting one. They should also learn more about the different types of waterproofing and what each entails.

Exterior waterproofing involves preventing water from entering a home, usually by excavating, installing drainage systems and sloping soil and concrete away from a foundation. Interior waterproofing involves moving out water that has already entered a home, usually by drain tile and pipe setup, sump pump installation, and the use of sealant and epoxy.

Choosing the Right Partner: Comparing Basement Waterproofing Companies

A good waterproofing company can fix problems such as leaking walls and floors, cracks in the foundation, bowing and buckling walls and crumbling mortar. They can also repair mold damage, clogged basement drains, water-seepage issues in crawl spaces, leaky sewer pipes and other sources of flooding. They can advise building owners on how to avoid future problems, such as by preventing water infiltration and proper foundation design.

Homeowners should also consider the warranty a company offers. The best waterproofing companies will offer warranties that cover the lifetime of the property. They should also provide annual inspections that can identify any new or potential issues. A good waterproofing company will also offer products that prevent problems from recurring, such as plastic vapor barriers, grate drains and dehumidifiers. They may also offer radon gas mitigation. Each of these solutions can help reduce moisture, create clean air and make a basement more livable.

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