Floor Markings

Floor Markings help reduce accidents, increase productivity and communicate important messages throughout your facility. Using clearly marked lines and shapes, floor marking helps employees navigate their workspaces while identifying areas where specialized equipment or hazards are present. Check this out:floor-markings.co.uk

Floor marking tape is an industrial-grade line marking material that can be applied to any flooring surface in your facility. It’s typically made of vinyl and has an industrial adhesive to ensure it sticks to a clean surface. Many types of tape are available, including some with a reflective quality for low- to no-light situations. Some are even manufactured to glow in the dark, making them ideal for use in warehouses and manufacturing facilities where the lighting is dim or nonexistent.

Creating Safe Environments: The Role of Floor Markings

No matter what type of floor marking tape you choose, make sure it is industrial-grade to withstand the harsh environments where floor marking is used. Tapes can also be purchased with various widths of lines to accommodate your specific layout needs. When installing long lines of tape, we recommend using an industrial applicator to ensure the lines are straight and consistent.

The most common colors used in floor marking are yellow and red. Yellow identifies caution or general physical hazards like trip hazards and obstructions, while red designates emergency equipment or fire-related issues. Other color options can be used as well, such as blue for pathways reserved for materials transport or forklift traffic. It’s important to have a set of standard colors that are consistent throughout your facility and posted in a visible location so employees know what the meaning of each color is.

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