Grand Piano

“Piano” used to refer to grand piano, a big musical instrument whose sound could be felt from far away. However, the grand piano nowadays refers only to the most expensive upright pianos. The grand piano provides a wide dynamic spectrum, rich harmonic resonance, varied tonal tone, and responsive, intricate touch. Only when these features are combined successfully are piano players capable of expressing the complex artistic expression that modern composers add to their works. The grand piano is made up of several features that distinguish it from the normal piano. Its body is octagonal in shape, its legs are long and straight, the keys are placed close to the middle of the keyboard (instead of in the corners), and it has a shallow depth and an extremely high height.

What Is the Term Baby Grand Piano?

This kind of piano has two different sounding chambers. One is the “normal” wooden boxy type and another is the “pedal steel” type. The difference between the two is the way the air is ventilated. While the upright pianos allow air to freely enter and exit through the front opening, the grand pianos prevent such air from entering or exiting through its top (pedal steel) section.

Another major advantage of the grand pianos over the upright pianos is its grand tone quality. Most music lovers prefer to listen to piano music played on grand pianos because the sound quality is much richer and deeper than that of the upright ones. Also, the grand pianos usually have large and deeper voices. This quality cannot be achieved with the regular upright pianos. Besides the grand piano, there are a lot more grand piano models out in the market today all of which offer different brands, color, design, shape, size, and price.

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