Home Care Philadelphia

Home care philadelphia offers a wide range of services for seniors and disabled adults in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These include personal assistance, companion care, respite care, and homemaker services. Home care agencies hire caregivers to provide these services and ensure that they meet the state’s minimum standards. This includes a formal assessment, criminal background checks, and health screenings. These home health agency in philadelphia also provide their clients with a contract that specifies the hours, costs, and type of service they will receive. Some home care agencies also offer consumer-option home care, which allows their patients to choose a caregiver they feel comfortable with.

How much do family caregivers make in Michigan?

Home health care is a popular choice for many older adults, as it offers them the opportunity to continue living at home while receiving the healthcare they need. However, it can be expensive. The average cost of home care is $5,000 per month, but that number can increase if your loved one needs round-the-clock care. Fortunately, you can save money on home care by talking to a financial advisor or evaluating your long-term care insurance.

In addition to the private pay home care providers listed in this article, you can also find information on the new managed care waiver, Community HealthChoices (CHC), which became available statewide in January of 2020. CHC is a home care option for individuals who are enrolled in a Medicaid waiver. It is a great alternative to nursing homes, which are much more expensive.

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