Is Radon Dangerous?

is radon dangerous

There are no clear-cut answers to the question, “is radon dangerous?” But there is some solid science. And the evidence that radon causes lung cancer is decreasing. In fact, radon causes fewer lung cancers than other air pollutants, according to a study in the American Journal of Cancer. Hence, the question of “is radon dangerous?” has largely been ignored by the media. In fact, radon remediation cost is the most common gas in the atmosphere, and it can be present at any level in homes and buildings.

Installing a Basement Radon Mitigation System

Although EPA guidelines recommend reducing the concentration of radon in residential buildings, these levels are not legally enforceable. In the United States, radon levels between two and four picocuries per liter of air are not considered dangerous. Therefore, it is not necessary to take steps to lower the concentration. In fact, the EPA’s guidelines are only a suggestion, and the air quality of your home may still be safe even if radon levels are low.

Although radon can’t be seen or detected, it can increase the risk of lung cancer. It is the number two lung cancer cause in the United States. In fact, radon is linked to more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. People living in homes with high radon levels have a 10x higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who smoke a pack a day. And if a home has high radon levels, they are more than twice as likely to develop lung cancer.

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