Learn Anything From Anywhere With a Resource For Online Learning

Resource for Online Learning

Learn Anything from Anywhere

Resource for Online Learning is a site where you can find learning resources for all kinds of subjects. The site is organized into various categories and allows you to filter by grade level, accessibility, language and areas of interest. This link according to Learningselect.com

Coursera: Boasting more than 1000 courses from the best universities, Coursera is a popular place to learn online from any device and at anytime. It is also a great way to earn certifications and enrol in complete specializations on subjects you want to study.

Mathchops: Teachers can view high-level stats, create/assign quizzes and assign games that help students practice their math skills. Each game adapts to the student’s learning style, providing real-time feedback to accelerate progress and improve confidence.

Free Online Learning Platforms You Should Know About

Curriki: Teacher-vetted, open-resource lesson plans and materials for a variety of subjects are offered here. They include a large selection of digital content, including textbooks, e-books and activity books.

Bookshare: 800,000+ accessible eBooks are available for free download. They include textbooks, educational materials and bestsellers for young people and adults.

The Critical Thinking Company: Kids’ award-winning PreK-12+ educational books, e-books and apps develop foundational reasoning & critical thinking skills for all subject areas (reading, writing, math, science, social studies). They also focus on helping children become problem-solvers in school and life.

PenPal Schools: Remote and blended learning can be lonely outside of the classroom. Using PenPal Schools, students can connect with classmates from around the world on a variety of subjects and engage in a variety of activities.

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