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Long Island Sign Company

Whether you are an AricSigns servicing retail customers, a doctor assisting patients or a service provider working out of an office location, your facility requires effective signage to get noticed and make it easier for guests to navigate through your spaces. Our team of commercial sign experts creates attractive, professional signage collections that support your brand visibility and customer satisfaction goals.

From a single custom outdoor sign to an entire corporate signage system, we deliver the high-impact signage you need to attract visitors and build loyalty. Our signs are made locally in Long Island, and we offer a quick turnaround so you can start drawing attention and impressing clients right away.

Signs of Success: Navigating the Services of a Long Island Sign Company

When your company name, logo, and branding are displayed on your building’s exterior, it is the first impression your visitors receive. Your exterior signage must reflect your unique branding, clearly announce your services and products, and provide key information like operating hours and accessibility. It also helps you establish your location as a local landmark that is easy to find.

Oftentimes, service providers such as lawyers, dentists, therapists, and real estate agents work out of an office location rather than a retail establishment. These facilities can still benefit from the same eye-catching signage that a retail store needs, such as privacy window film and interior wayfinding signs to help customers find what they need quickly and easily.

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