Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta


Mighty Dog Roofing of Atlanta is helping Doraville homeowners protect and improve their most valuable asset – their homes. The local branch of the national roofing franchise offers a full range of world-class roof installation, repair, and house improvement services including gutters, siding, attic venting, and windows. Every Mighty Dog project is “paw stamped” by a Master Roofer, who ensures that the roof or home improvement service exceeds high standards from start to finish.

Elevate Your Home: The Impact of Mighty Dog Roofing in Atlanta

The Doraville Mighty Dog branch uses cutting-edge technology, including drones and virtual property visualizations, to make roofing safer, more personalized, and highly intuitive for homeowners. The company’s thorough 25-point inspections preemptively find problems that can lead to costly roof repairs and replacements down the road. Mighty Dog also offers a craftsmanship warranty in addition to manufacturer warranties and a free maintenance program, Mighty Watchdog. This enables homeowners to save time and hassle by keeping all of their roofing, home, or siding repair and replacement documentation in the company’s secure Customer Vault. This information can also be used for reference in the future, such as when homeowners sell their properties or file insurance claims. This is the type of service that Mighty Dog has built its reputation on nationwide.

Mighty Dog Roofing
4016 Flowers Rd #450a, Doraville, GA 30360, United States
Phone: +16786750488

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