More Info About Endowment Plans in Singapore

If you are looking for more info about endowment plans in Singapore, then this article will provide you some of the basic information that you need. Endowments in Singapore are basically public and private trusts which enables the businesses to sponsor the education and research of their employees or even for the students of a particular school or university. The endowments normally depend on various factors such as the personality of the family of the donor, the size and duration of the contract, the reputation and performance of the school or university and the academic achievements of the student.

Endowment Plans in Singapore

There are various types of endowments in Singapore including the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Business Schools, Limited Use Endowments (ULE), Enterprise School Endowments (ESOE) and the Participating Economies Endowments (PEVE). In Singapore, there is an intense competition among the business schools to be ranked higher in the Business Schools Ranking Report. The Government of Singapore has also taken the wise step of encouraging the creation of more SEZs to increase the overall capability of the country in the field of higher education. As of now, there are only four Business Schools in the entire Singapore, which account for eighty percent of the total number of Business Schools in the whole world.

All the four schools are categorized in terms of the type of endowments they offer such as Special Economic Zone endowments, Business Schools Endowments, Management Companies Endowments and Research Grants. The main reason why more people are interested in getting an education from any of the above-mentioned renowned institutions is because they are able to get more scholarships and more grants than the other institutions in Singapore. In fact, the number of students who opt for higher education through the endowments in Singapore is more in comparison to the number of students who opt for higher education in the Public Schools. Therefore, more people are taking advantage of the special opportunities that are offered by the schools in Singapore to improve their career prospects and for better career prospects in the future.

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