Professional Embroidery Digitizing Services

Galaxy digitizing is a service that converts any image, photo or design into an embroidery format that can be read by embroidery machines. Professional Embroidery Digitizing Services is an art that can be embroidered on many different materials, including hats, shirts, jackets and other apparel. It takes a lot of skill and experience to create a high-quality digitized design. Galaxy has a team of expert digitizers that can help you to get the best quality digitized designs for your embroidery business.

What is the danger of digitization?

The process of digitizing is much more complicated than it looks at first glance. A good digitizer will be able to take any JPG, PNG or PDF file and turn it into an embroidery stitch file. This file will tell the machine where to stitch, what type of stitches to use and what thread colors to use. The result is an embroidery design that will look like it was hand sewn. A skilled digitizer will be able to keep the stitch sizes uniform and make the outlines of the design sharp.

A great digitizer will also consider the size and complexity of the design. They will understand that it is important to maintain the integrity of the original design while keeping it readable for the embroidery machine. They will also consider the fabric versus thread and make sure that the stitches are positioned correctly on the garment. A good digitizer will be able make the changes needed to achieve this without losing any of the detail in the original design.

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