Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs create change, not just for themselves but for society. They take an issue and make it their business to spread the solution, which can even lead to the creation of new systems and practices that benefit society. One such example is the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, founded by Muhammad Yunus. The Grameen Bank’s microfinance program helped millions of underprivileged customers rise out of poverty by providing credit to local projects at favorable conditions. They aim to bring about a wider, positive change in society. These organizations produce social value by promoting sustainable environmental practices, increased literacy among underprivileged communities, decreased health hazards, and increased innovation among educated citizens. Useful website – Marc Kielburger

Heroes and Change Makers

Although corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained momentum in the business world, social entrepreneurs are focusing on ensuring that companies are not using CSR as a public relations ploy to create positive public relations. B Lab, founded by Jay Coen Gilbert, aims to certify businesses that meet certain environmental and social criteria. The B Lab emphasizes employee ownership, financial transparency, and Fair Trade certification. The B Lab certifies companies that aim to bring about social change.

Social entrepreneurs are brave pioneers in a new market and an experienced veteran of their field. They have the ability to innovate and find practical solutions to important social needs. In many cases, they use the principles and forces of the market to solve social problems. Their success allows them to break free from the confines of certain disciplines and take risks that others might be afraid to try. They are heroes and change makers who change the world for the better.

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