Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

Performing regular Tennis Court Maintenance helps to ensure that it is safe and playable. This includes resurfacing the court which provides a new playing field that is more durable, improves ball bounce and allows for faster game play.

Inspect courts for damage and weeds and remove any that are found. Brush courts with a soft nylon or hair-type broom to prevent damage to the surface. If surface pressure washers are used, limit the pressure and do not hold the tip too close to the surface, as this can also damage the coatings.

Check for birdbaths or low areas (typically near baselines) which drain more slowly than the rest of the court and repair as needed.

The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Court Maintenance

Remove any standing water from the court as soon as possible, as long term puddles can cause premature wearing of the colorcoat and the concrete. Also, remove any pine needles or leaves that have accumulated on the court as these can lead to mildew and mold problems.

During reconditioning the court is cleaned, leveled, top dressed and lines are laid. This process typically takes a week to complete. The cleaning includes power washing and brushing the court, scraping off any oversized particles and then scarifying the surface crust and patching any low areas. Once the surface has been prepared it is then top dressed with HydroBlend at a rate of one ton per court and then the line tapes are installed.

The final step in reconditioning is to paint the court with a high-quality acrylic system which seals the voids and adds a cushioned coating. This also gives the courts a more vibrant and long lasting color. Finally the contractor may install any accessories if desired.

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