The Florence Residences Located at Kovan/Hougang Area (2020)

Florence Residences is originally from Hougang Road, now officially known as The Florence Residences. It was then purchased by the Logan Property Group, a South African property developer. The developer had a very good rapport with the developers in Singapore who wanted to get involved in the real estate market in Singapore.

Florence Residences – Mega Condo Project

Since the sale of the Florence Residences in 2020, it has become a favourite accommodation for expatriates and locals alike. The developers have also made sure that they offer the most updated and modern facilities and amenities to their customers. Many people come to stay in the Florence Residences to enjoy all the benefits of living in an attractive environment.

In addition to the fact that the Florence Residences is located in close proximity to the major shopping districts of Clarke Quay, Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, these areas provide residents a good opportunity to experience the beauty of these areas without having to go out of their way. The city has a rich culinary culture and many restaurants can be found close by. People also enjoy visiting the Botanic Gardens. With the arrival of the Florence Residences in 2020, there were already quite a number of tourists in the area. The developers are therefore very aware of how these tourists can benefit from being situated in such a location.

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