Things to Consider Before Hiring a General Contractor

general contractor

A general contractor is a person who oversees the construction site from start to finish. This person is responsible for all aspects of the construction process, including communication with other trades and vendors. A general contractor may also be called the prime contractor or main contractor. These people have a lot of responsibilities, but they are also crucial to the overall success of a construction project. The following are a few things to consider before hiring a general contractor – Check out

What to Look For in a Contractor

A general contractor may need a license from the secretary of state licensing board. Some cities and states require contractors to obtain professional licensing as well. A general contractor may not need a license if the project is small and involves minor home improvements. It depends on the size of the project and the type of work performed. For larger projects, a license may be necessary. Also, the type of license a general contractor requires will depend on the work he does.

A general contractor is also responsible for keeping the project on budget. When overall costs are under the bid price, the general contractor benefits because he keeps the unused funds as profit. Cost overruns, however, can be expensive, and can cause a general contractor to request more funds from the owner or change the scope of the project. This can be especially difficult when the GC is not involved in the pre-construction phase of a project.

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