Types of Boat Lifts

Keeping your boat elevated and out of the water rather than tied to your dock helps prevent corrosion, moss, algae buildup, and other natural wear that comes from being in the water all the time. This saves you money, as you’re not having to clean your boat or pay for expensive repairs due to natural elements.Go here

Protect Your Vessel: Choosing the Right Boat Lift

There are many different types of lifts that can be used, but the best boat lift for your specific location depends on the geography and weather conditions in your area. Some examples are inconsistently deep waters, muddy or rocky sea floors, fluctuating water levels or locations that get iced in during the winter months.

Cantilever lifts are easy to maintain and work well in shallower waters. They consist of two H-shape structures which are pulled by a cable into a vertical position to raise the boat off the bed. These types of lifts typically don’t require a lot of maintenance and can last for years to come.

4-post conventional lifts are great for areas that experience rough weather, like winds and currents. These lifts are able to stand up to these conditions because they don’t rely on a pier or sea wall for support. These lifts are also able to hold heavier boats because they have more posts compared to other lifts.

Floating lifts are powered by Archimedes’ law of buoyancy, which states that the weight of an object submerged in a liquid is equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces. These lifts use tanks filled with air or water to provide the necessary buoyancy, which you can adjust by manipulating the amount of air/water in each tank.

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